Jesse Martyn, BFA, CLU, CFP:

Values-driven financial & estate planner

Ethical Investing Funds Jesse Martyn CFP Vancouver BC

Jesse Martyn, CFP is a Vancouver financial planner specializing in values-driven financial planning.

Many of my clients have chosen to work with me because of my unique attitude to their finances that combines financial planning with a social conscience.

I possess a strong traditional body of financial planning knowledge, proven by my status as a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® (CFP) professional and Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU). I also bring a grasp of the Canadian socially responsible investing marketplace that is stronger than most planners. Personally, my own standards always adhere to the FPSC Code of Ethics and the IAFE Code of Professional Conduct. They are also informed by a history of volunteering with co-operatives, charities, and other non-profits.

Because I am not tied to one bank, credit union, or insurer, I am able to survey the market for the best matches for my clients. This also allows me the freedom to meet my clients at times and locations convenient for them, rather than being tied to a bank branch.

Essentially, I am a perfect match for someone looking for a planner with similar ethical values.

Mission, Vision & Values



To help people plan for the future while feeling good about where they put their money.



A time when all those interested have secured their financial future while we all work toward an inclusive and equitable society.



Money and meaning. Wealth and well-being. Head and heart. Expertise and emotion. Intelligence and inspiration.

I have been helping clients with their finances since 2012. Through working with me, clients build a vision for a stable future while respecting their conscience. I have had a parallel career as an actor on stage and screen and in that career often found myself being sought out for advice on professional and financial matters. Since that's how I started in finance, many of my clients come from the creative class. My training as an artist has always helps me balance head and heart in my advice.

The planning I offer is imaginative, practical, and realistic while still being inspiring, ensuring that the way clients spend their money is honouring & protecting the things most important to them. Seeing a lack of understanding of this position from banks and other financial planners, I have taken it upon myself to be the one to offer advice to these under-served individuals.

When not working, I enjoy hiking, skiing, and kayaking in the beautiful British Columbia outdoors.