Canada Saudi Arms Deal

Controversial Canada / Saudi Arms Deal

Some of you may have heard a bit of controversy surrounding the Canada Saudi Arms Deal: the sale of light armoured vehicles manufactured in Canada to Saudi Arabia, a nation with a problematic record on human rights.

You can read more about the deal here.

The factory here in Canada that's manufacturing these vehicles is operated by a company called General Dynamics. Many of my clients have a strong opinion on this issue and would like to avoid being involved with them by owning an investment that contains shares in General Dynamics.

If you don't approve of the Canada Saudi arms deal, would you want to own part of the company or others involved in weapons manufacturing? Here are three Canadian mutual funds investing in General Dynamics:

It's not always possible to identify all of the investments in a mutual fund. In any case, the holdings in a mutual fund can change at any time. A better fit might be choosing a fund whose guiding principles are more in line with your ethics.

Many socially responsible investment funds such as Ethical Funds exclude General Dynamics automatically by way of their exclusion of weapons companies along with nuclear and tobacco.

They also perform an analysis of environmental, social, and governance factors for companies in other industries to select investments with the best outlook in these categories as well as their general financial picture.

Would you like advice on how to best match your finances to suit your values? Drop me a line.



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