Investments for Housing Co-operatives

Investments for Housing Co-operatives


Do Good While your Co-op Does Well.

Your Co-op’s capital reserve fund and other long-term savings are important tools for the financial health of your co-op.

If they’re invested in the wrong place, you might be missing out on growth potential or be exposed to too much risk. In fact, keeping the fund in your co-op’s bank account means you’ll have to save much more annually to meet your needs than if you had the right investments for housing co-operatives.

You and your fellow co-op members deserve personal, hands-on advice on investment options from a professional financial planner who understands the needs of housing co-ops.

At the same time, your members likely want to avoid investing in companies with poor social, environmental, and records. Working with EthicalPlan,  you can be sure that your financial goals and your social conscience are both looked after.


Co-op Investment Program Standards

Ethical Investments for Housing Co-operatives




Professional reserve fund investment planning from a housing co-op member. Top-quality investment fund managers.



Socially responsible investments screened for environmental, social, and governance factors.


Integrated Planning

Investment plans that fit with the financial realities of your co-operative. Maximize gains where possible, while reducing risk as capital needs approach.

Why Choose Ethical Plan for Your Co-op's Investments?


Other social housing investment dealers only offer service by phone or mail. I'm available in person to come to board meetings, collect paperwork, or answer questions.

Investment Options

Other social housing investment dealers have only a few available funds from one provider. I offer a full range of socially responsible investment funds to offer the perfect fit for your co-operative.


Other social housing investment dealers leave you to complete required paperwork and make decisions on your own. I'm a full-service, hands-on partner who can help make sure your co-op's investments are well-suited to your financial needs and asset management plan.


As a long-term housing co-op member I understand how your co-op responsibilities are an extra duty on top of the rest of your busy life. I'll make this part of your duties simple and easy. As chair of my co-op's Finance Committee, I often explain financial items to Boards & members. I know how to speak both English and Accountant, so can make sure you understand the decisions we're making.

More Info

Drop me a line and we can discuss your co-operative's needs in more detail and what sort of investments for housing co-operatives would be a good fit

What Does the Process Look Like?

First Contact

We'll have an initial meeting either with a few members of the Board or Finance Committee or with the whole group where we discuss how we can ensure your co-op is getting the best possible return on its savings. We'll discuss the nature of the relationship, the process, and the expected outcome in more detail as well.


If we end up moving ahead, the next step is determining the funding milestones you need to hit as a co-operative. If you already have an asset management plan in place, that's a great place to start. If not, we can discuss what major capital improvements or replacements are coming up.

Investment Mix

Now that we know where you're headed, the next step is allocating your investment. If you plan on emptying your reserve fund in the reserve fund in the next few years, your investment needs to go to a safe place. If you are saving for capital needs 7, 10, or more years down the road, you can take a bit more risk to aim for higher returns.

Ongoing Monitoring

We'll meet at least once a year to review the performance of your investments and make new contributions or change ongoing monthly contributions. Of course, the unexpected can always come up so there is an opportunity to react to any changes in your housing co-operative's capital plans.

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