Assurance in Uncertain Times

I had been planning on writing a different article this month, but clearly the global health and financial situation calls for a change. I had meant to focus on our legacy planning work but this is a good time to highlight our continued expertise in the world of insurance. In these challenging times, we have…
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For singles or people without children, what will your footprint be?

At Evolution Strategies, we really enjoy talking about legacy with clients. Legacy is all about the impact you want to have on lives when you’re gone. It’s about your footprint and passing along more than just your wealth. I really enjoy this topic because I often find it helps people connect with peace of mind…
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Estate Planning: 3 Dangers Facing Your Legacy

Congratulations! You have a will and power of attorney. You are finished with estate planning … or are you? Even beyond the fact that wills and other estate documents need to be reviewed as your circumstances change, they might be missing the mark or falling short of being a true legacy plan. When you think…
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