Monthly Archives: March 2016

University of Toronto Divestment

Meric Gertler, president of the University of Toronto, was on CBC's As It Happens yesterday discussing his institution's decision not to divest from fossil fuels in their investment portfolio.
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Pay Yourself First

Let's be real, there are a lot of competing demands on our money. My biggest piece of savings advice is: before paying money for anything, pay yourself first. There are so many companies with slick marketing machines designed to get you to part with your heard-earned money. By pay yourself first, I mean to put something aside for "future you" as part of a savings plan.
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Budgets and Why They’re Awful

Budgets are only good as far as they help you control & track your spending. I usually find that the time they take to monitor on an ongoing basis aren't worth the results. That said, knowing where your money has gone and having some way to control your spending is really important.
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